Buccaneers QB Tom Brady apologizes for controversial comment



Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Tom Brady addressed the media this week ahead of his week seven game against the Carolina Panthers. In his press conference, he apologized for making an unfortunate comment earlier this week.

Tom Brady.
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When Tom Brady He changed his mind and decided to come out of retirement to put things back together with pirateExpectations were up to the ceiling. Last year, the veteran midfielder proved he still had a lot in the tank and it looked like that Tampa Bay He had unfinished business.

However, the team got off to a slow start this year. Six weeks in 2022 NFL seasonThe box They have a lot of work to do to improve their 3-3 record. Furthermore it , Brady He is said to handle a complicated situation at home as well.

His decision to continue playing football at the age of 45 may have affected his marriage Model Gisele BundchenIt is believed that the couple are going through difficult times. Brady has recently opened up about his work-life balance, Make a controversial comment that you later regret.

Buccaneers’ Tom Brady Apologizes For Comparing NFL Season To Military Deployment

“Before we begin, can I say one thing? Earlier this week, I made a statement about playing football and the military, and it was a very poor choice of words. I apologize,” Brady said on Thursday via ProFootballTalk.

“To be honest, I don’t really want to expand on that too much. I have an enormous amount of gratitude to everyone who served. In the end we play a game and the army defends our country. They are two different things and I shouldn’t compare. “

Brady made the controversial comparison earlier this week on the Let’s Go podcast on SiriusXMTalking to the co-host Jim Gray And the Brooklyn Networks star Kevin Durant On the challenges of balancing work and personal life.

“I almost look at a football season like you’re going away from serving in the army, and that’s like, ‘Oh man, here I am again,'” Brady said. “There’s only one way to do it. And I think Jim talked from time to time about how you enjoy certain moments of him? The truth is, you can really only be true to yourself, right? Every time you say, ‘Man, I want to, you know, make sure than spending more time doing it.” When it comes down to it, your competitiveness takes over and as much as you want to have that fun balance with work balance, you’ll end up doing exactly what you’ve always done, which is why you You are. You’re going, how can I do that? You know, what do I have to do to get this done?”

Of course, that provoked a lot of backlash. But Brady then admitted he made a mistake and publicly apologized for his choice of words, which is why It shouldn’t escalate any further.

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