Buccaneers’ Tom Brady ‘tried everything’ to avoid divorcing from Gisele Bundchen



The marriage between Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen ended, but there is still some information about it. Now, it has been revealed that the pirate quarterback “tried everything” to avoid a divorce from the model.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen (2017)
© Mike Coppola / Getty ImagesTom Brady and Gisele Bundchen (2017)

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen The love story is over. Over the summer, it was reported that the model wanted the quarterback to quit football and now it was revealed that her husband “I tried everything” to avoid her divorce.

It has been the absolute rollercoaster of Brady And the Bündchen This is 2022. The couple Married for 13 yearsbut unfortunately they couldn’t stay together much longer and She broke up on October 28th.

despite of Gisele Bundchen gave her husband an ultimatum To continue, they split almost immediately. Now, it has been revealed that Brady He had other plans and “try everything” to save their marriage, but It wasn’t enough.

Tom Brady plans to avoid divorce from Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen They were one of the most famous couples in the entertainment world. that they met in 2006 And they got married in 2009, but 13 years after they divorced.

According to some reports, Gisele Bundchen asked Tom Brady to me quit football To continue, but the pirate quarterback had other plans. he is I didn’t want to leave Tampa Bay hangingBut he also wanted to stay with the model.

Now, People magazine reports that Tom Brady did almost everything to save his marriage. That wasn’t Tom’s idea,” A source close to the quarterback said of the couple’s divorce decision. “That was never Tom’s idea.”

The same source said that Brady suggested going to marital counseling with Gisele, but her only request was for him to retire (again) from football. “No retirement in my future” The midfielder said 8 days before the divorce.

Plus, Tom Brady didn’t want to divorce mostly for his sake their children. They finally agreed to joint custody and Both will live in Florida To stay near their children, but in different cities.

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