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She founded American Girl to “Bring History to Life”. Then I made a city.

Not long after Samantha/Molly/Addy/Felicity/Kit household names, Pleasant T. Rowland, creator american girl doll empireShe sold her company to toy giant Mattel for $700 million in 1998. Armed with a not-so-small fortune, she then began buying and restoring real estate in Aurora, New York, a once affluent downtown with picturesque and gilded mansions in tatters. But the locals weren’t necessarily happy with Roland’s improvements. Buckle up, history buffs, this is a wild ride. Read more


Velvet nails might be the most comfortable nail trend you’ve ever seen

Well, hear me out: I know velvet conjures a luxurious feel that isn’t, like, the *most* sexiest thing ever stuck to your nails, but trust, the finish is pretty nice—and also not really mysterious. IMO, it’s kind of like a cliched/less boring game glazed donut nails. (No @me!) Read more

8 Libra Season Do’s and Don’ts to Start Falling Off the Right Note

Today marks the official start of fall – although emotionally it started the moment the temperature in my apartment dropped enough to wear sweatpants – and the first day of… Libra season, which is widely known to be a special social period thanks to the societal nature of the air sign. In that spirit, it’s a great time to prioritize your relationships or plan a very romantic date, just don’t lean too much on people-pleasing Libra tendencies and go. Message your ex girlfriend With whom I ended up on bad terms. Not all situations require a peacemaker! Read more

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7 BridgetonDIY Halloween inspired costumes

My personal platform is that I refuse to buy Halloween costumes I’ll never wear again (I know, I know, saving the world single-handedly with my own sustainability practices here). This is why staying in Mayfair is perfect – the perfect excuse to buy an expensive property nap dress or a Bridgeton– Tender dress This will pull double duty during Autumn wedding season. This stuff was bought out, so we’ve already done all the work for you (and eBay, too). Read more

Kendall Jenner thinks Tristan Thompson ‘wanted to hunt’ Khloe with another baby

For those of you who haven’t stayed up past bedtime to watch, Season 2 of Kardashians It premiered in the early hours of the morning, and with Khloe began clarifying the schedule for carrying her son. (She made it clear, ah, that she knows nothing about Marali case when that happened). she also open His first letter—and no, it’s not a “K”—while Kylie and Kendall had some… tough words for their sister’s ex. Read more


Here is your daily horoscope

Libra season is here. Read more

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