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I don’t care about dating apps anymore, and I don’t know why

It’s safe to say that in 2022, nobody Joy to be used dating appsunless they are in a committed relationship with last decade This is their first time in an instant rodeo. It is simply something we have accepted as a necessary means of setting ourselves outside, as a way of referring to the world,”Hey, I’m ready to meet someone!“But unfortunately, the truth is that they don’t ‘work’ for most people – they’re simply a set of algorithms out there to get someone to drink Bulletproof coffee a lot of money. So why would it have worked better for you and it isn’t now? Well, it could be any Something, which ultimately means… nothing. Nothing you can do, nothing you can control, and certainly nothing you should take seriously. Read more


The four signs of the zodiac are most affected by the arrival of the new month of September

New moons are always a time for change and introspection, but since we’re currently in the middle of Mercury retrograde, things are pretty murky. So if you are one Signs most affected With Libra coming this weekend, this awkward energy may make you more likely to misunderstand your true intentions — like showing your partner when what you want *really* is over and above your best friend’s wedding. for anyone elseDespite this, it’s a great time to set new intentions. Read more

The latest viral food mania? History of canned fish

It is considered Casual hot girl food (Are there formal meals?) This summer, the prevalence of salty snacks has only skyrocketed, particularly in The context of romantic nights Personally, I’m not quite sure what makes salty fish fillets perfect for a date night, other than the fact that they’re easy to pack picnic style—as long as the dessert course is Altweed. One thing is for sure, though: the new cooking show from Alison Romanthe patron saint of anchovies, could not have arrived at a more relevant time. Read more

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Chelsea Clinton on the best advice she got from her mom

Hillary Clinton sure knows a thing or two about thick skin, and Chelsea, now 42, took her mom’s advice seriously. here you talk about boldand a new Apple TV documentary series, Dealing with the Haters, and The Deceit of Buckingham Palace. Read more

Barbiecore dresses, bright suits, and 27 more plus-size clothing ideas for fall

It’s officially autumn, which means it’s time Really start clothes. Fortunately, a lot of the big trends from last year – leather jackets, abstract jacketsoversized buttons, and a lot of Y2K aesthetics on the rise – so the secret is to design it in a fresh, new way. Read more

Nazanin Bunyadi was a healer long ago rings of strength

“I got started in the post-9/11 climate. And if you told me I was going to sit here today, starring in the biggest TV production ever produced, I would be hard pressed to believe, because the early days were filled with stereotypical and cliched roles.” How do I meet your mother And the homeland Before landing a role in New fantasy epic. “How refreshing I can just play a person and not have to identify on the basis of race, ethnicity, or creed.”Read more


Here is your daily horoscope

Moon in Virgo. Read more

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