California law places decadelong ban on gun ownership for those convicted of child or elder abuse


California State. Gavin Newsom On Thursday he signed a series of gun safety bills into law, ramping up regulations around gun sales and dealers within the state.

Among the eight laws signed are a 10-year ban on gun possession for those convicted of child abuse or elder abuse, the governor’s office announce Thursday.

Another law requires schools to provide information annually to parents about California child restraint laws and regulations related to the safe storage of firearms. It would also require school officials to report any “threat or potential threat of murder” to law enforcement, with the expectation of law enforcement or school police to conduct an investigation and assess the threat.

The push for stricter gun controls comes on the heels of a series of mass shootings across the United States that have once again brought the national debate over gun ownership to the fore.

in Uvald, TexasOn May 24, 19 children and two teachers were killed after a gunman stormed the school and opened fire.

Flowers, plush toys and wooden crosses are placed at a memorial dedicated to the victims of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on June 3, 2022, in Ovaldi, Texas.Alex Wong / Getty Images

The last weekend of July 4th has also been marred by armed violence, including heavy gunfire On parade in Highland Park, Illinois, who left Seven dead And more than twenty wounded.

Meanwhile, a slew of other mass shootings have occurred across the country in quick succession this year, sparking a wave of outrage for strengthening gun control measures.

“California has the toughest gun safety laws in the country, but none of us can tolerate the gun violence crisis plaguing our country,” Newsom said in a statement.

“These new measures will help keep children safe at school, keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, and responsibly regulate the sale of firearms in our communities,” he said, adding, “California will continue to lead in life-saving policies that provide a model for action by other states and the nation.” “.

A number of laws in the group signed Thursday focus around merchant and sales regulations, including a bill requiring the Department of Justice to conduct inspections of merchants at least every three years, beginning January 1, 2024. The measure excludes merchants whose premises are located in jurisdictions that adopted the inspection programme.

Another measure prevents licensed firearms dealers from charging more than 5% of the firearm purchase price as a “restocking fee or other return-related fee” if the purchaser cancels the purchase within 10 days of application, excluding a special firearms order fee.

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