Calvin Ridley, Nyheim Hines and all trades today



The 2022 NFL deal deadline passed and brought us a number of blockbuster deals, including Calvin Ridley to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Check out here all the deals made today.

The Hawks replaced Calvin Ridley with a Jaguar.
© Todd Kirkland / Getty ImagesThe Hawks replaced Calvin Ridley with a Jaguar.

with the 2022 NFL Regular Season In full swing, there was one significant date fans were looking forward to: November 1 Trade deadline It is now a part of the past, and it was One of the busiest days of the year.

Unsurprisingly, general managers across the league have been constantly picking up the phone, making deals that will likely give plenty to talk about all season long. Calvin Ridleyfor example, to Jacksonville From Atlanta.

Previous hawks However, the wide receiver wasn’t the only notable move of the day. But with so many deals out there in just a few hours, it can be hard for everyone to keep up with every move. Check out here all the deals made on November 1.

NFL Trades Tracker 2022: All the moves on deadline day

Ravens get LB Roquan Smith from Bears

Baltimore gets:

Chicago gets:

  • LB AJ Klein
  • 2023 draft round two
  • 2023 Fifth Round Draft

Vikings acquire TE TJ Hockenson from Lions

Minnesota gets:

  • TJ Hawkinson
  • 2023 draft round 4
  • 2024 Conditional Draft Fourth Round

Detroit gets:

  • 2023 draft round two
  • 2024 Draft Round Three

Bears trade with the Steelers for WR Chase Claypool

Chicago gets:

Pittsburgh receives:

  • 2023 draft round two

The Steelers earned CB Williams Jackson 3rd of the leaders

Pittsburgh receives:

  • CB Williams Jackson III
  • 2025 conditional draft of the seventh round

Washington gets:

  • 2025 Conditional Draft Sixth Round

Dolphins land LB Bradley Chubb of the Broncos in a great deal

Miami gets:

  • LB Bradley Chubb
  • 2025 Fifth Round Draft

Denver gets:

  • RB Chase Edmonds
  • 2023 first round draft
  • 2024 Fourth Round Draft

Jaguar WR Calvin Ridley discontinued from Falcons

Jacksonville gets:

Atlanta gets:

  • 2023 Conditional Draft Selection for the Fifth Round
  • 2024 conditional draft second round

Bronco trade with Gates for de Jacob Martin

Denver gets:

  • D. Jacob Martin
  • 2024 Fifth Round Draft

New York gets:

  • 2024 Fourth Round Draft

RB Zack Moss trade bills for RB Nyheim Hines with ponies

The buffalo gets:

Indianapolis gets:

  • RB Zack Moss
  • 2023 Conditional Draft Selection for the Fifth Round

Falcons acquires CB Rashad Fenton from Chiefs

Atlanta gets:

Kansas City gets:

  • Conditional selection from the seventh round

Dolphins are getting their RP by Jeff Wilson Jr. at the age of 49

Miami gets:

San Francisco gets:

Billing acquired S Dean Marlowe from Falcons

The buffalo gets:

Atlanta gets:

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