Can I vote if I live in a different county?



Election season has already begun and it is time for citizens to choose who will be the next representatives in the House and Senate. Here, see if you can vote in the 2022 US midterm elections living in another country.

"I voted" Posters are seen at a polling station at Rose Hill Elementary School.
© Alex Wong / Getty Images“You Voted” posters are seen at a polling station at Rose Hill Elementary School.

The countdown to me 2022 US midterm elections I started. They will be held on Tuesday 8th November and remember there are many ways to cast you vote. According to several polls conducted by The Economist, the forecast is not good news for Democrats, but they should not lose faith yet, as the results may not be known until voting day.

At the end of the summer, not counting inflation and declining approval ratings for the president, the Democratic Party He seems to have a chance to hold the Senate and even the House of Representatives. The race for power is still raging, but that could change as the election day afternoon approaches.

The Republicans set as their ultimate goal trying to balance the economy and everything that has to do with it. While Democrats have already made some progress in relationship to society. horizons the Republican Party It has become more promising lately, but is it enough for them to win the House of Representatives?

Can I vote if I live in a different county?

US citizens living abroadBeside Regular service personnel who are absent from their place of residence, He may vote. All states must send absentee ballots for elections to civilians and military personnel living abroad. Also, if you live on another continent, a good option is to hand in your ballot at the US Embassy in the country where you reside.

If you are in another state, and if your county participates in the County-wide Polling Place Program (CWPP), known as Polling Places, you can vote anywhere in the county in which you reside on Election Day. If you do not participate in CWPPYou can vote only in the circle assigned to you.

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