Carmelo Anthony and free agent shooters the Lakers need to sign



The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled hard to drop strikes this season. Here, we talk about three snipers who should try to sign them.

Carmelo Anthony
© Christian Petersen / Getty ImagesCarmelo Anthony

The Los Angeles Lakers They are bound to win and compete at the highest level every season. Rob Pelinka a period The team responsible has seen some poorly constructed menus, and LeBron James He cannot win alone.

Pelinka and Jenny Boss They apparently refuse to build around James’ strengths and weaknesses. They’ve stacked the team with periphery players who don’t shoot and dominate the ball instead of satisfying their biggest need: shooting.

The good news is that it’s never too late for purple and gold. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three free agent shooters They should try and sign to save someone else The season could be disappointing.

NBA Rumors: 3 Lakers Shooters Should Sign

3. Jeremy Lamb

Jeremy Lamb Not much of a defender, but he’s proven to be a prolific goalscorer and an instant attacking flame off the bench. He would be more than willing to sign the veteran’s minimal deal to return to the league.

Lamb is the shooting career with 35% behind the bow. And while those numbers aren’t elite, it’s still a huge improvement over every unnamed Lakers team. Matt Ryan Immediately. That’s how poorly they build their list.

2. Rodney Hood

Rodney Hood He was ready for a promising career before constant injuries hindered his development. Now, he is out of the team despite being one of the best offensive players in Unit Two.

Hood already played for clippers, So he was happy to return to Los Angeles. He’s a 36% 3-point shooter and a guy who can play on the wing and drop shots from all three levels.

1. Carmelo Anthony

And last but not least, the Los Angeles Lakers must give Carmelo Anthony Another call. If anything, the fact that he remains unsigned despite being one of their best players last season is shocking.

Anthony is one of the greatest scorers of all time. He was big in the clutch last year for them, and he would instantly become the best shooter on their roster. pick up the phonePron you know you want.

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