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At 72, Jeff Bridges is no younger, but for FX, that might be a good thing. The Academy Award winner is the protagonist of the FX thriller, old man Based on the 2017 Thomas Perry novel of the same name. The series follows Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges), now a former CIA agent who has been living off the grid in upstate New York for three decades. After Dan removes an intruder from his home, he is forced into hiding. The instigating incident is a brutal and highly tactical game of cat and mouse – one that FX intends to extend into the past seven episodes of Season 1.

Less than two weeks later old man Premiering on June 16, the cable network announced that it will renew the series for a second season Limitold man It was the premiere of the most-watched cable series since January 2021. Deadline also states that the series premiere is the most-watched FX show on Hulu, where the show is also available to stream. Given her early success, it doesn’t make sense for her to do so old man Will be back for more work. Here’s everything we know so far about the second season of Jeff Bridges’ spy thriller.

old man Season 2 release date speculation

announced FX old man The first season is in 2019, but the network halted production twice during filming, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Jeff Bridges’ Lymphoma diagnosis in the year 2020. old man He eventually re-produced with Bridges and finished filming in early 2022. With several unexpected delays, the first season’s production schedule cannot be used as a map for season two, as we can assume that the next installment will experience a less turbulent filming schedule. Barring the setbacks, Season 2 will likely premiere sometime in mid to late 2023.

old man Season 2 plot

Season 2 will likely deal with the fallout from the hunt for Chase – that is, if he doesn’t get caught first. While on his escape in Season 1, he meets Zoe (Amy Brenneman), who becomes his ally while on Earth. Both end up in the crosshairs of Harold Harper (John Lithgow), an FBI agent who specializes in counterintelligence. His mission is to capture Chase because the two share a sordid history that grew up during the Soviet-Afghan War. Harper uses his student Angela (Alia Shawkat) to help him on the hunt. While elsewhere, a hitman named Julian Carson (Gbenga Akinnagbe) is on Chase’s trail.

Despite being the source material, Thomas Berry’s novel is a stand-alone story. Without a supplement to the book, old man You may have to veer into uncharted territory for season two. That’s only if Perry’s book is fully adapted.

old man season 2 cast

Limit He confirmed that the main players will return for the second season. With the fate of Alia Shawkat’s character up in the air as the first season comes to a close, there are doubts that she will return for the second season. As for the rest of the cast, their characters will have to survive Dan Chase’s wrath if they want to stay. But even if they were able to do so, it doesn’t look like Season 2 will be much fun for them anyway.

This post will be updated as more information about old man Season 2 becomes available.

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