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Where were you when Prince Andrew told the nation he was at Pizza Express in Woking on the night in question? Emily Mettles Newsnight The interview with the family was a powerful tour, and provided a lot of valuable information that was It was later used against him in court.

Now, preparing for the interview is being filmed in an exciting new movie called scoop. Sam McAllister, the woman who booked Prince Andrew and produced the interview, wrote a book about the nail-biting experience that is now being adapted to the screen. Talking to, McAllister said,Hear the answers he gaveEach one worse than the previous one, it was truly an extraordinary experience that is still hard to believe actually happened. It was an amazing experience to be sitting there listening to it all in front of the camera.”

So, let’s take a look at everything we know so far about the new movie.

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Hugh Grant was told earlier this week to play Prince. Grant is no stranger to royalty, having spoken out in the past in support of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But Grant put an end to rumors of any involvement in the film in one brief tweet. yes! The magazine published a tweet (now deleted) suggesting he might be a contestant to play Prince, to which Grant replied:no IAM not like that. never heard of it.

Otherwise, the casting details are still kept secret. Hilary Salmon, one of the film’s producers, told that “Nobody is connectedFor production so far. So watch this space for newscast.

scoop release day

The movie has just been announced, so it’s unlikely to be released any time before late 2023. With work still going on on casting and script details, the movie is still in its early stages. Filming is set to begin in November 2022, Deadline reports.

scoop plot

Disreputable Newsnight The interview is the crux of the movie, but we’ll also see more details about what happened behind the scenes and in the lead up to the action

Peter Moffat silk And the your honor Fame is going to work on the script. Speaking to with Salmon, Moffat said he wanted to tell the story of how “Sam [McAlister] And these two extraordinary women, Emily [Maitlis] and Esme [Wren, Newsnight editor]Make the interview take place under real pressure and pressure.”

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