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Based on the series of YA novels by Leigh Bardugo, Netflix Shadow and bones It is a world rich in fictional characters and traditions. The show follows cartographer-turned-Sun Summoner Alina Starkov, her best friend Mal, and criminal gang The Crows. While the series closely follows the events of Shadow and bones – While weaving into characters from the later Bardugo series Six crows Fans of the book know that Season 1 is not the end of Alina’s story. In fact, it’s just the beginning of a trilogy that sees her travel all over her country Ravka as she discovers how to close the mysterious fold and beat the mysterious Darkling.

On June 7, 2021, Netflix announced it Shadow and bones will be back For eight parts of season 2. Showrunner Eric Heisserer initially featured the show as at least three seasons, just like the trilogy. Shadow and bones books, so we know the creative team is set for a makeover.

Speaking to Netflix about the series being selected for a second season, Heisserer said, “I am honored and delighted to be returning to the Grishaverse and continuing the stories of these beloved characters, especially Milo.” Bardugo also provided a quote for the streaming service along with the new season announcement. “I’ve been writing on the Grishaverse for nearly ten years, so I’m thrilled we’ll be continuing this adventure,” said the author and executive producer. “There are so many places we hardly ever get to visit, and I can’t wait to introduce our audience to even more saints, thugs, thieves, lords and pirates who make this world so much fun to explore. It will be a real magic to see our amazing and talented team expand.”

After this exciting update, here’s everything we know about Season 2 so far.

The Shadow and bones Season 2 premiere

Because of the events of 2020, Shadow and bonesThe film’s premiere has been postponed from Winter 2020 to Spring 2021. As Filming officially concluded in June 2022Fans can expect it Season 2 airs sometime in 2023, for every digital spy. .

The Shadow and bones season 2 cast

The story of Bardugo takes place in a sprawling fantasy world similar to Russia, Shadow and bones introduce us to Lots of characters Apart from Alina Starkov, played by Jesse Mi Lee. According to Netflix, the main cast members from Season 1, including Archie Renaux (Malyen Oretsev), Freddy Carter (Kaz Brekker), Amita Suman (Inej), Kit Young (Jesper Fahey), Ben Barnes (General Kirigan), Danielle Galligan (Nina) Zenik) and Calahan Skogman (Matthias Helvar), will return for season two.

Netflix has Four new actors have been announced to join the seriesIncluding Organic AgricultureJack Wolf as former Rafkan King Nikolai and the magicianJack Wolf as a demolition expert from Whelan van Eyck Six crows. ragdollAnna Leung Brophy and human kombatLouis Tan will portray Heartrenders twins Tamar and Tulia. .

The Shadow and bones Season 2 Trailer

Fans got their first taste of Shadow and bones season 2 During a TUDUM event on Netflix on September 24, 2022. While it’s just a teaser trailer, it features fan favorites like Nikolai, Wylan, Tamar, and Toyla. It also gives a peek at where the story is headed, and ends with an alarming question from General Ben Barnes, Kerrigen, in which he asks: “Are you willing to sacrifice what is most precious to you?”

The Shadow and bones Reviews

Another sign that the show was heading for a third season was the fact that it was already critically acclaimed. “Let’s be real, though. Perfection is impossible to achieve. However, this reviewer might argue that writer/executive producer Eric Heisserer created it. Shadow and boneswith the help of his team and author Lee Bardugo, is approaching perfection,” Sarah Mosnicki wrote for Nightmarish Conjurings.

Liz Shannon Miller at the Collider He praised the production, noting that it was “a beautiful show, with the best visual touch beyond influences being the costumes designed by Wendy Partridge, which draw heavily on Russian influences to make this world feel special and distinct from other fairy tales.”

And while it echoes a lot of other fantasy shows, it means Shadow and bones It will likely expand its fan base quickly. With her magical orphan chosen hero (Hello, Harry Potter), the story of a young woman who is destined to revolutionize who is caught between her childhood best friend and a broken, untrustworthy interior (hello, hunger GamesAnd her dangerous kingdom of traitorsGame of throneswe’ll meet Again), Shadow and bones It has so many familiar echoes,” Ben Travis wrote for Empire Magazine. “But it’s very watchable, with a compelling world and characters that can help it become a favorite in fiction in its own right.”

This post will be updated as more information about Shadow and bones Season 2 becomes available.

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