Celtics didn’t fire Ime Udoka because of Kevin Durant’s Nets



According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, the Boston Celtics couldn’t give up on Ime Udoka now.

Im Odoka
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The Boston Celtics And the Im Odoka I got into a slightly messy situation. The new coach was leading the team to The NBA Finals for the first time in more than a decade, But his actions breached the organization’s code of conduct.

Some were shocked to learn that the Celtics decided to suspend Odoka for an entire season. On the other hand, Odoka’s actions must be very serious for them to do so. But if so, Why not cut ties with him altogether?

The Celtics could have just fired Odoka and moved on with him. Instead, they left the door open for a potential return once the dust settled. It is noteworthy that S.Stephen A. Smith thinks it’s all about Brooklyn Networks.

NBA rumors: Celtics did not want the Nets to hire Im Odoka

“I think part of the reason he was suspended, but not fired, was because the Boston Celtics didn’t want to end up in Brooklyn,” he said. Smith said. “I think Ime Udoka, had he been fired, with all the things that happened—remember, the practical words were ‘consensual relationship, violation of organization policy! “So because that’s it, it’s about your behavior, which we don’t endorse, as opposed to crime.”

“And since there was no indication that it was a crime, I think if Amy Odoka had been fired by the Boston Celtics, the Brooklyn Nets would have fired Steve Nash and brought this brother back, and he would have properly coached the Brooklyn Nets. Currently,” Follow Smith. “That’s how definitely I feel about this.”

This theory is very logical. Odoka was an assistant in Brooklyn, and is said to be very close to him Kevin Durant. Durant and Keri Irving You do not like Steve Nash They have already forced the team to shoot Kenny Atkinson.

However, some doubt that Odoka will get another chance at the league’s training gig, as there is allegedly more to it than has appeared. But be that as it may, the Celtics could not take the risk. It’s the game within the game.

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