Chicago: Two deaths due to monkeypox reported


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Today, the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced two deaths of Chicago residents from this year’s outbreak of monkeypox virus (MPV).

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Both people had several other health conditions, including a weakened immune system, received an MPV diagnosis over six weeks ago, and both were hospitalized. The death of adults has nothing to do with each other.

“Although the number of new MPV cases has fallen dramatically since the summer, this is a stark reminder that MPV is dangerous and can cause serious illness and, in very rare cases, even death,” said CDPH Commissioner Alison Arwady.

“The vast majority of MPV infected people who died had other health conditions besides MPV causing severely weakened immune systems,” said Dr. Arwady. Please continue to take it seriously. If you are at risk of contracting MPV, take preventive steps and get vaccinated to protect yourself and your loved ones. These measures are especially important if you have comorbidities and/or a weakened immune system.”

CDPH encourages individuals who meet the eligibility criteria to receive two doses of MPV vaccine 28 days apart. And even after vaccination, CDPH recommends continuing to take precautions, especially if you are at risk of developing severe disease from monkeypox. MPV spreads through close and intimate contact.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported 27,884 cases of smallpox in the United States, including five deaths.

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