Chiefs’ Travis Kelce explains why he hates playing the Patriots



Travis Kelsey recently made it clear what he hates about playing the New England Patriots, not the comparisons to Rob Gronkowski.

Travis Kelsey.
© Ezra Shaw / Getty ImagesTravis Kelsey.

The New England Patriots Become the most dominant team of the century, winning more Super Bowls than any other privilege. While that success made them a team no one wanted to face, it also made them Many of enemies.

Tom Brady And the Bill Belichick, for example, were admired by millions but hated by those who suffered from them during the glorious Patriot years. Although those days are long gone at Foxborough, some still hate playing the Patriots.

And it’s not just fans. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelsey He recently revealed what he hates about playing the Patriots, and It’s not comparisons to Gronk nor to the team itself.

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce says he hates facing the Patriots and their fans

“I’m not sure if it’s mutual, but I absolutely hate playing the Patriots,” Travis Kelsey said in his book: new Horizons Podcast with Brother Jason. “I’m not mad at Gronk’s fake stuff, I’m mad at them calling my mom in the stands.

Your mama jokes are great, only when you tell them to me, not my mom. Like when my mom leaves the playground, she gets harassed, you know, that’s just [expletive] Low blows, man. A lot of people say they went to New England and had a bad taste in their mouths about Patriots fans.”

This certainly isn’t a great experience for any player, but of course, that doesn’t mean all Patriots fans behave like this. Either way, Kelsey is probably relieved he won’t be visiting New England this year – at least in regular class.

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