Chikungunya in Paraguay: more than 11,000 affected in the last three weeks


The latest health surveillance report indicates that in the past three weeks, 11,864 cases of chikungunya and 203 cases of dengue were recorded.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

In the last assessed week, 2,389 patients with chikungunya and 37 with dengue were reported, according to partial data.

The worst affected regions are Central Province, with 7,344 cases, and Asuncion, with 3,266 cases of chikungunya.

At present, all regions of the country have reported cases of chikungunya.

Going to a medical consultation early is essential to prevent complications, especially if there are warning signs:

bleeding from the nose or gums, or vomiting blood and blood in the stool.

Stomach ache It may be associated with nausea and vomiting.

Altered state of consciousness . Older adults may notice extreme drowsiness or weakness. They sleep a lot and stop eating and hydrating, while babies may report constant crying, loss of appetite, and general weakness.

Dehydration is also another warning sign. This is manifested by dryness of the tongue and mouth. It may present with difficulty drinking fluids and decreased frequency of urination.

to consider

Mosquitoes breed in any abandoned object or container of water, regardless of size. This is why it is important to get rid of any abandoned object in which water has accumulated.

Useless items that cannot be disposed of, such as household appliances, tires, etc., should be placed inside or covered to prevent water from accumulating on them.

The barrels or containers in which the water will be used must be tightly covered.

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Maintain chlorinated pools and filters.

Change the water in the animals’ drinking troughs and vases daily to prevent them from becoming breeding grounds, after cleaning the container with a brush and soapy water. It is equally important to get rid of the water that has accumulated in the planter pot/dishes.

To protect against mosquito bites

Insect repellent is recommended during outdoor activities.

For the inside of homes, use mosquito nets and metal nets on doors and windows.

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