Cholera in the Dominican Republic: Cases rise to 25, 85,000 vaccines expected


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Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MISPAS), I reported this Wednesday Six new cases of cholera and nine other suspects, all correspond to a family core detected in the Villa Liberation sector located in Santo Domingo Este, admitted under stable sanitary conditions.

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Of the six admitted patients, two are Haitians who are in the Félix María Goïco Hospital and the other four are pediatric patients at the Hugo Mendoza Hospital and receiving medical care.

Since the notification From the first confirmed case on October 20, 2022, through January 18, 2023, a total of 25 confirmed cases have been reported.

No deaths have been reported so far; However, Dr. Jocasta Lara, Director of Hospital Centers of the National Health Service (SNS), indicated that the young woman who died in Hospital del Almirante underwent a post-mortem test and the results of it are still awaiting confirmation or norm. outside cholera.

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The Deputy Minister of Collective Health, Dr. Eladio Perez, said that about 85,000 cholera vaccines are expected next week, which will be applied in the most vulnerable areas, such as those on the banks of the Isabela River and others.

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