Cooper Rush’s alarming stat that proves why Cowboys need Dak Prescott



Since Dak Prescott’s injury, the Cowboys have used Cooper Rush as their starting team captain. The backup operator has done a good job, but unfortunately there are worrying stats that prove why Dallas needs to bring back QB1.

Dak Prescott & Cooper Rush - Dallas Cowboys - NFL 2022
© Richard Rodriguez / Getty ImagesDak Prescott & Cooper Rush – Dallas Cowboys – NFL 2022

The 2022 NFL season It was the ultimate roller coaster of Cowboys in Dallas. Although they had to use files Cooper RushReserve midfielder, withdrew a 4-1 record during Duck Prescott Absence, but there Alarming law This proves why they need the return of their key player.

Year after year, CowboysFans dream that they can win another Energy. Lately, the team hasn’t been close to him, but they have really high hopes Duck Prescott to succeed.

despite of Cooper Rush Covered Duck Prescott Very well during his absence, there is one case that worries Dallas the most. Fortunately, the first quarterback is back on track to maintain this winning streak.

The Cooper Rush Law That Makes Cowboys More Confident About Dak Prescott

Duck Prescott He is, without a doubt, the quarterback for the Dallas team. Unfortunately, an injury the first week left him out of the fields and that’s the time Cooper Rush Back.

It was a good run Cooper Rush During the weeks that Duck Prescott can not play. The quarterback got a 4-1 score and looked pretty solid, but there’s a stat that worries Dallas a lot.

yes, Cooper Rush won 4 matches He lost only one, but consistency is not a word in his vocabulary. in 3 down the opportunitiesReserve quarterback has the worst numbers in the NFL with a 22.2% converted.

Above Cooper Rush, there are some big names like Keeler Murray (28.3%) and Baker Mayfield (23.1%). Of course that’s not the main reason why Dak Prescott got his first quarterback job, but it’s An alarming situation that should improve Rush for the purpose of Become a beginner in Dallas or anywhere else.

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