Cowboys’ owner reveals Ezekiel Elliott’s role after Tony Pollard’s big game vs. Bears



It looks like missing a week of football could hurt Ezekiel Elliott more than he thinks. Now, the Cowboys owner has spoken out about his role on the team after Tony Pollard’s big game against the Bears.

Ezekiel Elliott - Dallas Cowboys - NFL 2022
© Richard Rodriguez / Getty ImagesEzekiel Elliott – Dallas Cowboys – NFL 2022

It can be very difficult to overcome an injury for any player, even more so if he has good support behind him. Currently, Cowboys‘Her talk about it Ezekiel Elliot Role in the team after Tony Pollard He covered his absence very well with a big game against the Chicago Bears.

Ezekiel Elliot He was one of the best players lately Dallas. Running is now in his sixth year in the NFL, entering a more mature version of him and, for some, his prime.

But of course with great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, injuries have been a part of his entire career and the 2022 NFL season is no exception, so Tony Pollard He has to show up and do it in such a good way that Zeke’s starting role can be compromised.

Jerry Jones got real about Ezekiel Elliott’s role after Tony Pollard’s big match against the Bears

The 2022 NFL season It was complicated for cowboys. that they Lost Duck Prescott Initially due to injury And now it is Ezekiel Elliot Turned to miss some time for the same reason.

For the eighth week, the cowboys faced the bears. after, after Ezekiel Elliot disqualified because of a knee sprain. took his place Tony Pollardwho ran to 131 yards and three touchdowns In Dallas win 29-49.

Pollard is known to be a great guy, but Elliot has overtaken him. Of course, after this performance, fans started talking about the possibility of changing roles in Cowboys but Jerry Jones thought differently.

“There is no argument,” Jones said after the game, John Machuta of The Athletic expressed the possibility of Dallas changing roles for RB right-back after this game. Zeke’s Punishment Ability, Zeke’s Ability Ability, Zeke’s Ability, What he does to us in passing protection, frankly, Zeke’s ability to make great plays is thereAnd the And we’ll go as Zeke goes. I really mean it’s an integral part of our success this year.”

It looks like Dallas still doesn’t move forward from Elliott, but this performance by Pollard sends the message that there is Big competition in the background And Zeke shouldn’t trust Jones’ words too much.

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