Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Gareth Bale, World Cup stars who practice yoga



Yoga has improved the lives of many people as a spiritual activity and exercise, and here is a list of the best soccer players who practice yoga.

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United player
© Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty ImagesCristiano Ronaldo Manchester United player

Yoga Attitudes help football players In many ways, from improving and strengthening muscles, improving flexibility and mobility. Ryan Giggs He practiced yoga during his days in Manchester United Somewhat called yoga “The Fountain of Youth.”

Yoga is used all over the world as a technique and activity to benefit both the body but most importantly the mind. Yoga practices many poses and postures that aim to revitalize every part of the body, as well as mental techniques to calm the mind that may be in a state of stress or anxiety.

many Famous football players The use and use of the practice of yoga either to stay mentally strong or to avoid injury, Below is a list of soccer players who practice yoga.

Famous soccer players who practice yoga

Cristiano Ronaldo Most famous to date, the Manchester United striker uses meditation practices before every game and says he has achieved results by being more focused and calm during matches. LAFC midfielder Gareth Bale He used yoga to improve his muscles and avoid injury.

Lionel Messi He also practices yoga as a way to maintain mental calm, keep fit and protect his body from injuries, and Messi works on hamstrings, quads and shoulder pain.

Mohamed Salah He practiced yoga in addition to the Uruguayan defender Jose Maria Jimenezwho stated that yoga helped him with his flexibility.

Six yoga poses recommended for soccer players are: Dynamic hip opener, crunch squat, forward folds, hamstring stretches, lower dogs, and lunge variations.

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