Dan Bongino tells ‘Fox & Friends’ why Trump’s ‘madman theory’ in foreign policy was successful


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‘Unfiltered’ host Dan Bongeno joinedFox and FriendsFriday to discuss President Trump’s foreign policy success, after Trump told Sean Hannity that he had threatened to wipe out the Taliban leadership to secure a deal. Bonino argued that Trump’s unpredictability was an advantage in dealing with America’s adversaries.

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Dan Bonino: This goes back to what they call the “madman theory” of geopolitics. It’s a real thing. You can look up. I’m not just silly about it. The theory is that you should be strategically opaque so that no one knows what you’re going to do. So they remain afraid. How crazy is that? How exactly? And that’s why Kim Jong Un knows that this little sloth has managed to stay in power, and his family, for decades now because they don’t have an economy, they have nothing. Everyone is afraid that he will launch a nuclear bomb. Well, no sane person would do that. But the point is, is he sane? So I guess what Trump beat Biden Do people really think, for better or for worse, like, oh my god, this guy could be crazy enough to really get me out. …no one thought he would Moving embassies to JerusalemAnd he just did it.

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