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There are plenty of dating apps in the market, but there aren’t many that are meant to keep the spark alive after entering into a relationship. Enters sparksIt is an app that caters to current couples who are looking to bring new and enjoyable experiences into their lives.

The Barcelona-based startup, which was featured as part of Battlefield 200 at TechCrunch Disrupt, debuted as MVP in May 2021 and Officially this week.

The startup was founded by CEO Ankit Nial, who came up with the idea for Sparks after thinking about his relationship with his partner. He found that he and his partner were often too busy to find things to do together, and that it was impossible to find a new activity they were interested in. Building on this experience, Nayal decided to create an app focused on helping couples strengthen their relationships by finding new experiences, whether that be choosing a new movie, recipe, game, restaurant, or vacation.

“There are many apps that help you find a partner,” Nayal told TechCrunch. “But once you find a partner, you leave these apps and there is nothing left to help you in your relationship. This is where I noticed a gap and wondered why there was no tool focused on improving relationships.”

Some may wonder why they need an app to help them make decisions with their partners. For that, Nayal says the app isn’t trying to replace communication between couples, but instead seeks to take the hassle out of planning dates or discovering new experiences.

Sparks app

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Sparks offers an eclectic collection of experiences and date ideas that you and your partner can analyze in a Tinder-like swipe interface. Swipe through movie suggestions, new recipes, vacation ideas, and digs. Once there is a match, the app will tell you that there is something you and your partner are interested in.

The startup is looking to raise the pre-incorporation stage in the first quarter of 2023 and plans to use the funding to add more features to the app, incorporating a deeper personal experience for couples.

In terms of the future, Nayal says he sees Sparks transform into a network of super apps capable of helping couples in additional ways.

“In the long term, we have bigger goals,” Niall said. “Living in China and running companies there, we become very familiar with the super apps ecosystem and one company with multiple major apps. We want to achieve the same thing, but in relationships. Ideally, we see ourselves creating different faces of Sparks, like Sparks: Long App Distance Relationship, The Parents app, The Couples Finance app, etc.”

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