Dave Chappelle show at Minneapolis’ First Avenue canceled after online backlash


First Avenue in Minneapolis canceled on Wednesday Dave Chappelle It was shown at the last minute after facing a backlash from the audience for booking the comedian.

He said the place in statementAnnouncing the cancellation of the evening show.

The decision came after an online petition was filed at Change.org. The petition, which had more than 120 signatures as of early Thursday morning, said “Dave Chappelle has a record of being a danger to transgender people, and First Avenue has a duty to protect the community.”

“Chapelle’s actions support a violent heterogeneous culture and directly violate the First Avenue Code of Conduct,” she added. “If the staff and guests are to adhere to this standard, so must the performers.”

face chapel widespread backlash over the past year Because of comments he made about transgender people in his own Netflix movie “The Closer”.

The comedian’s show on First Avenue on Wednesday was moved to the Varsity Theatre, which he said will honor all First Avenue tickets originally purchased for the show. Separate shows were already scheduled for Thursday and Friday at the Varsity Theatre.

First Avenue said in its statement that its team and sponsors “have worked hard to make our places the safest places in the country, and we will continue to do so.”

“We believe in diversity of voices and freedom of artistic expression, but by honoring that, we have lost track of it,” the theater said.

He also acknowledged that “there are some who will not disagree with this decision,” and said that those who have complaints are “welcome to send their comments.”

Chappelle’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC News.

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