Dengue cases top 4,000 in Bolivia, Medical brigades mobilize to the city of Trinidad


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Dengue update

Bolivia’s Ministry of Health and Sports reported 281 new cases of dengue, bringing the cumulative total to 4,230.

Aedes aegypti

The Santa Cruz administration has recorded 3,085 cases, the most in the country, followed by Beni 656, Tarija 193, La Paz 122, Pando 31, Chuquisaca 102 and Cochabamba 41.

17 total dengue-related deaths have been reported.

Trinidad City

Health Defense Shields Against Dengue and Other Viruses Medical Corps in conjunction with the Armed Forces (FFAA) this Wednesday intensified containment, fumigation and dredging operations in Trinidad City neighborhoods in search of mosquito breeding sites and disease detection. On the first day of his work, he identified 40 suspected cases.

“Today we continue the intense fighting in another neighborhood of the city of Trinidad, and we are with the medical battalions that provide medicines so that they are not lacking, and there is also another brigade for the application of insecticides, yesterday 11,125 doses were applied to the reservoirs,” said Robin Monteiro, head of the Emerging Diseases Program at the Ministry of Health. To store water in order to kill the larvae and prevent the spread of mosquitoes in this city.”

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In a coordinated effort between the armed forces, the government and the municipalities of Bani at the head of the Ministry of Health and Sports, more than 500 people have been mobilized since yesterday, Tuesday, in that area of ​​​​the Bani district as part of the strategies. The national government has developed to prevent the spread of disease and protect the lives of the population.

Montero explained that these medical brigades, as soon as these suspicious cases were discovered, immediately proceeded to provide free treatment to these patients in their homes, and in this procedure three people were referred with symptoms of alarms that were in their homes. He explained that more than 1036 homes were visited through the Safci-Mi Salud program, from house to house to search for suspected cases of the disease and “the armed forces destroyed more than 1034 mosquito breeding sites in this city.”

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