Dengue cases top 9,000 in Bolivia


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Bolivia’s Ministry of Health and Sports reported 419 additional cases of dengue fever today, bringing the total number of outbreaks to 9,328.

Santa Cruz Department accounts for 75 percent of cases with 7,022 cases.

29 dengue-related deaths have been reported.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Ministry of Health and Sports set up a mobile hospital with a capacity of 40 beds and 90 doctors from the Safci-Mi Salud program to improve the care of dengue patients in a way that avoids saturation of health centers in the city of Santa Cruz de Santa Cruz. la sierra.

“With the instructions of President Luis R. We are today creating this mobile hospital to enhance epidemiological surveillance, timely detection of disease and care for dengue patients,” said National Director of Epidemiology Freddy Armijo.

The health official said that the care will be from 8:00 am to 06:00 pm, and that the staff is on duty 24 hours a day, and confirmed that it has the capacity to take care of 60 patients per hour.

Hours ago, the Minister of Health and Sports, Jason Oza, reported from Sucre that in the Campaign Hospital, Safci doctors will attend general medicine, pediatric, internal medicine, nursing and pharmacy services for dengue patients and all for free.

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Oza explained that this mobile hospital, which is located in Centro Mi Salud 8, 7 July district, 3000 plan area, has air conditioning system, 40 stretchers with complete accessories, sinks, water system, bathrooms, showers and electrical system, all duly implemented to take care of people. patients with the disease.

The two authorities agreed to indicate that this hospital will be at the service of the population throughout the period of illness because it is fixed.

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