Denmark reports three times the normal rate of group A streptococci cases


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According to the Statens Serum Institute (SSI), the number of people with invasive group A streptococcal infections (iGAS), in which streptococci spread and cause serious conditions, has increased significantly. In November 2022 there were 21 cases and in January this year 99 cases were reported in Denmark.

The elderly and children under the age of five remain the most affected by invasive cases. These can be, for example, septicemia, acute pneumonia with spread to the lung cavity, meningitis, and inflammation of the joints and muscles.

Right now, three to four new cases are being discovered every day, which is three times the normal rate. Therefore, doctors are encouraged to be more vigilant.

β€œIt is still important for clinicians to be aware that there are common gaseous infections, which mainly manifest as strep throat and scarlet fever, but are also currently causing an increase in the number of cases of invasive disease.”

– Department director and department physician Peter Henrik Andersen of the SSI

Group A Streptococcus (GAS) / CDC

However, the death rate for patients with invasive diseases is the same level as before November 2022. Few deaths have been seen among young children.

SSI is constantly examining streptococcus samples that have caused invasive disease, which are sent from all clinical microbiology departments in the country. 35% of all cases are caused by a new variant not previously seen in Denmark. It was observed all over the country.

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Non-invasive infection usually presents as a sore throat and superficial skin infections. In some cases, invasive gases lead to more serious invasive conditions, that is, infections that are detected in the blood or other normally sterile areas. Gas is always sensitive to regular penicillin and the lack of its effect should prompt a renewed medical evaluation.

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