Diphtheria death reported in Dien Bien province, Vietnam; First case in the province in many years


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The health sector in Dian Bian Province is urgently implementing epidemic prevention measures after a death from diphtheria was reported.

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On the afternoon of May 6, information from the CDC (CDC) Dien Bien said: After the test results conducted by the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, the patient Sung Thi L. (SN 2013, resident of Vietnam) has been identified. Pu Nhi Municipality, Dien Bien Dong District) died of diphtheria, the Dien Bien District Health Department set up a working group to implement epidemic prevention measures.

In cases of close patient contact, we took samples for testing. So far, 61 samples have been taken and sent to the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology for diagnostic testing. Guess,” said Dien Bien CDC representative.

Previously, on April 30, the patient, Sung Thi L., was admitted to the emergency room of Dien Bien Provincial General Hospital with a temperature of 39 degrees, with suspected diphtheria symptoms.

Dayan County General Hospital doctors conducted a multidisciplinary consultation and diagnosed the patient with sepsis, respiratory failure, pneumonia, and monitored myocarditis, not excluding diphtheria – acute diagnosis and treatment. Fluids and antibiotics.

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After about an hour, the patient had stopped circulating, had respiratory failure, severe pneumonia, pulmonary edema, and myocarditis was observed, not excluding diphtheria. 30 minutes after CPR was performed, the patient died.

Immediately after assimilating the information, the functional forces in Din Bien Dong district disinfected the environment around the home, school, and residence of the patient (classroom, residence area, blankets, etc.).

Initially, the total number of close contacts with the patient was 78 (including 5 people from the patient’s family; 18 students in the same class, 38 students in the same area of ​​residence and 17 medical staff). Dean County General Hospital).

In addition, in the semi-boarding high school for ethnic minorities – Pu Nhi Primary School (Dien Bien Dong District, Dien Bien Province) – where the patient studied – there were a total of 347 students (including 99 boarding students). ) and 28 teachers who were also engaged in symptom monitoring for timely detection.

This is known to be the first diphtheria case detected in Dien Bien Province in many years.

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