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Disney has teamed up with its Accelerator participant mania, an e-commerce platform known for creating interactive virtual storefronts, is to launch a new Web 3 experience for the Disney Music Emporium online store. The 360 degree 3D virtual experience It allows fans to discover soundtracks and songs from popular Disney movies and TV shows by tapping on different vinyl records and CDs throughout the virtual space.

Web Experience 3 launched this week to give Disney fans access to a virtual storefront with singles that highlight various soundtracks from Disney movies and shows such as “Encanto,” “Wandavision,” “Turning Red,” “Tomorrowland,” and “Hocus Pocus.” “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, “Star Wars”, “The Lion King Musical” and more. Users can click around the site to learn about specific titles, listen to music and add CDs or records to their online shopping cart.

To celebrate Disney’s centenary – which occurs in 2023 – users can also tap into a music timeline titled “Disney100: The Wonder of Disney Music” to enjoy a century of music from fan-favorite titles, such as the 1928 debut of Mickey and Minnie’s Mouse in ” Steamboat Willie”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937, “Fantasia” in 1940, “Moana” in 2016 etc.

“We are excited to collaborate with Obsess to launch an exciting new shopping experience for the Disney Music Emporium. As we prepare to celebrate 100 years of Disney, this is the perfect way to create discovery and fun for our guests,” Ken Bonnet, president of Disney Music Group, said in a statement.

Disney Business Development Program, Disney Accelerator 2022I worked with select technology companies in the Web3 industry to develop new entertainment experiences. Obsess is just one company that has Disney selected to participate in the program this year. Other web3 platforms participating in Accelerator Flickplay include, ribbed Lockerverse.

Disney is said to have been exploring another shopping experience that includes a QR Code For users to scan them in the Disney+ app and purchase merchandise.

Also today, media company Warner Bros. launched its own collection web3 experience To sell NFTs to “Lord of the Rings” fans.

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