Doc Rivers gets real on his Sixers’ performance through the opening week



The Philadelphia 76ers had two very tough games in their inaugural season, but the last game was likely to be a win. Since he wasn’t, Doc Rivers made a strong statement about his team’s performance during the opening week.

Head coach Doc Rivers chats with Therese Maxi of the Philadelphia 76ers
© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty ImagesHead coach Doc Rivers chats with Therese Maxi of the Philadelphia 76ers

During the offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers They tried to make things work among their stars including James Hardenwho signed a new contract worth less money than before to open up some maximum space to build a file Team Championship Contenders. However, their only new major signature was a 37-year-old PJ Tucker.

So, Technical Director Doc Rivers I had to work with the players who are already on the team. But it’s not like the team itself is bad. In fact, throughout the pre-season this year, the Sixers were unbeaten against Cleveland Cavaliersand the Brooklyn Networks. However, those big performances haven’t appeared in the regular season yet.

In fact, James Harden Give great performances during the start 2022-2023 NBA season. In the first two matches, Harden placed 35 and 31 points, respectively. but against TottenhamThe 2018 MVP Award Winner, I just quit 12 points. on the other side, Joel Embiid Finally appeared with 40 points In their last match, after two quiet performances against contenders.

NBA News: Doc Rivers gets real as a Sixers performance during inaugural week

In spite of Philadelphia 76ers He had two tough matches in the inaugural season against Boston Celtics On the road, against Milwaukee Bucks At home, the Sixers were unlikely to lose to San Antonio Spurs In the third game. So, Technical Director Doc Rivers Some words to say about their performance during that last match.

“Honestly we’re not ready yet. We’re not ready to win yet. You can feel it. We have a lot of work to do. It’s like we’re playing those first two games really hard, compete, and I feel like we can win games now. You still have to go out and win the game.” No one’s going to give you the win. You have to do it. You have to do it a lot, all night. You can’t pick and choose when we’re going to come.” At a press conference, the 2008 NBA champion said with Boston Celtics as a head coach.

Now, the Sixers will have to face off Indiana PacersThe Chicago Bulls, and consecutive match against the Toronto Raptors before the end of the month. As it sounds, the Sixers will likely have at least one win, but anything can happen.

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