Doctor dies from Ebola in Uganda, Survivors need to refrain from sex


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The death of the first doctor

The Ugandan Minister of Health Today I announced the first death of a doctor from Ebola. Dr Jane Ruth Aceng Osero said in a tweet this morning:


I regret to announce that we lost our first doctor, Dr. Muhammad Ali, a 37-year-old Tanzanian national, today at 3:15 AM. He tested positive for Ebola on September 26, 2022 and died while receiving treatment at Fort Portal RRH, Isolation Facility (JMedic).

My condolences to his family, medical fraternity, KIU and the people of Tanzania. Dr. Ali is the first physician and second health worker to succumb to Ebola. The first was a midwife from the St. Florence Clinic, a possible case, because she died before the test.

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Ebola survivors need to abstain from sex

According to a report in daily monitoringThe Department of Health has advised Ebola survivors to wait at least three months before having sex again unless they use condoms as a preventative method to limit the spread of the disease.

Before going home, Ebola patients will have a blood test in a lab to make sure the virus is no longer in their bodies. However, people who have recovered from the disease should not have sex for at least three months unless they use a condom,” reads the Ministry of Health guidance text.

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