Dwight Howard and former superstars still unsigned



Nothing is granted in the NBA, and these former stars may have to retire after not being signed before the start of the season.

Dwight Howard
© Ronald Martinez / Getty ImagesDwight Howard

take Long career in the NBA It is something not many players can boast of. Vince Carter, copy printOr Dirk Nowitzki or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or LeBron James are some examples of what we are talking about.

Moreover, staying at the peak of your talent for a long time is almost impossible to achieve. This is why some players decided to retire When Father Time knocks While they still have some dignity.

Unfortunately, other players don’t face the facts and call it a day until it’s too late. Nobody reaches out. Nobody picks up the phone to call him and sign him. Here, we will tell you about Three former NBA stars Who could be forced to retire now.

NBA news: 3 former stars may not play this season

3. De Marcos Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins’ His reign as the league’s dominant big man was short-lived, but that didn’t make him any less impressive. He didn’t find many successes in the supplement or playing with good teams in his prime, but he was still the best in the game.

Boogie has suffered multiple major injuries, and spending that much time on the shelf could kill any player. It looks good But he lost that quick first step that helped him bully his way over the edge.

2. Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard It was the best center in the world for at least a decade. He’s the first Hall of Famer pollster, one of the greatest edge guards of all time, and a two-way dominant force like few before him.

However, he has already reached the back end of his career. He’s bounced all over the league for the past two years, Finally winning this much deserved ring But they failed to produce at the same level.

1. Carmelo Anthony

Talking about great players who might have to retire without a ring, Carmelo Anthony The name should be near the top of that list. It appears to be the end of Milo’s streak after an impressive career in the NBA.

Anthony is one of the best scorers of the last two decades. He was a force to be reckoned with during his days with Denver Nuggets and New York Knicksbut his playing style may not be suitable for today’s full-action basketball.

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