Ebola confirmed cases rise to 41 in Uganda, Mandatory screening at Kenya border


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Ugandan health authorities It reported three more confirmed cases of Ebola (Sudan Virus Disease) on Saturday, bringing the total confirmed cases to 41.

Another confirmed death was also reported, bringing the total number to nine.

In an effort to prevent the disease from crossing the border into neighboring Kenya, motorists traveling to Kenya through the Malaba border are subject to a mandatory Ebola screening to avoid the spread of the virus, this publication has learned, Daily Monitor reports.

According to a notice from Malaba Health Officer Paul Kibii, yesterday all drivers must be issued a certificate after undergoing screening, which they are supposed to present at the loading site in Kenya.

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“We need to take precautions. As a collective responsibility to prevent the spread of diseases in our country, it is a mandatory requirement that you be examined at the health office and issued a screening card,” Mr. Kibe said.

He added that the condition was due to come into effect from October 1 (Saturday).

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