Ebola in Uganda: 23 days since confirmation of last case, Lockdown lifted in Mubende and Kassanda


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Ugandan Ministry of Health An outbreak of the Ebola virus has been declared in Sudan (SVD) on 20 September after a case was confirmed in Mubindi District.

This is the first time in over a decade that Uganda has reported an outbreak of the Ebola virus in Sudan.

According to officials, it has been 23 days since the last confirmed case was reported in Kasanda district. To date, 142 confirmed cases of SVD have been reported with 55 confirmed deaths, including 12 children and 7 health workers, as well as 87 recoveries.

The fatality ratio among confirmed cases remains 55/142 (39%).

Ebola infection has been confirmed in nine provinces: Jinja, Masaka, Kampala, Wakiso, Kagadi, Mubindi, Kijigwa, Kasanda and Bunyangapo.

On Saturday, the government lifted a two-month lockdown in two districts at the epicenter of the country’s Ebola epidemic – Mubindi and Kasanda. The lockdown was imposed on 15 October.

“The lifting of restrictions is predicated on the fact that there is currently no transmission, no contact under follow-up, no patients in isolation facilities, and we are progressing well,” the officials said.

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Sudan viral disease is a serious and often fatal disease in humans. Sudan virus was first reported in South Sudan in June 1976, and since then the virus has appeared periodically and to date, seven outbreaks due to SUVs have been reported, four in Uganda and three in Sudan. Estimated case fatality rates from SVD have varied from 41% to 100% in previous outbreaks.

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