Ebola outbreak declared over in Uganda


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Something we’ve been on the site counting down for the past few weeks (hereAnd here), Ugandan Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aseng Osero, officially announced in a tweet this morning – “Congratulations to the team Uganda. The state was officially declared Ebola Free”.

Uganda today declared an end to the outbreak of the Ebola disease caused by the Ebola virus in Sudan, less than four months after confirming the first case in the central Mubindi district on the September 20, 2022.

Uganda put an end to the Ebola virus outbreak rapidly by ramping up key control measures such as surveillance, contact tracing, infection, prevention and control. As we expanded our efforts to put a robust response in place in the nine affected districts, the magic bullet was our communities realizing the importance of doing what was needed to end the outbreak, and taking action,” said Dr. Aseng Osero.

According to the World Health OrganizationThis was the first outbreak of the Ebola virus in Sudan in a decade and the fifth outbreak of this type of Ebola. In all, there were 164 cases (142 confirmed and 22 probable), 55 confirmed deaths and 87 identical patients. More than 4,000 people who had contact with confirmed cases were followed and their health monitored for 21 days. Overall, the case fatality rate was 47%. The last patient was released from care on November 30 when the 42-day countdown to the end of the outbreak began.

The Ebola virus outbreak in Sudan was caused by the Ebola virus, one of six types of Ebola virus for which treatments and vaccines have not yet been approved. However, Uganda’s long experience in responding to epidemics has allowed the country to quickly scale up critical areas of the response and overcome the lack of these key tools.

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Although the outbreak in Uganda has been declared over, health authorities continue to monitor and are ready to respond quickly to any flare-up. A follow-up program has been established to support survivors. Neighboring countries remain alert and are encouraged to further enhance their capabilities to detect and respond to infectious disease outbreaks.

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