Ecuador: Epidemiological surveillance is maintained for cases of dengue, chikungunya and leptospirosis


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The National Undersecretary for Health Surveillance, Prevention and Control Francisco Pérez reports that the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) maintains active epidemiological surveillance in cases of dengue, chikungunya and leptospirosis.

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He explained that the first case of chikungunya in the province of Azuay was recorded last week in Ecuador, a case of infection in a person who traveled to Paraguay. “The woman is stable in her home, and since it is an imported case, it is not epidemiologically relevant. However, the MSP is keeping all control measures for her treatment active.

He also mentioned that due to the flooding problems on the coast, there has been a resurgence in dengue cases. In this epidemiological week, 2958 cases were recorded, 125 of them with warning signs and 7 serious cases. This government bag performs fumigation and mitigation operations in the coastal region of the country.

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Additionally, at present, 32 cases of leptospirosis have been reported nationwide, a bacterial disease transmitted through broken skin submerged in dirty or stagnant water and through food contaminated with the urine of animals such as rats, dogs, cats, and cattle.

As preventive measures against leptospirosis, the use of rubber boots for activities that occur in flood sites, clean showers after exposure to standing water and the use of gloves and a mask when handling urine or animal waste are recommended.

The MSP urges all residents to maintain biosecurity measures, to go to health centers if symptoms such as fever, general malaise, jaundice (yellow skin and eyes) appear and to keep spaces clean to avoid possible infection.

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