Ethiopia cholera outbreak: Nearly 400 cases reported since August


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A cholera outbreak has been ongoing in Ethiopia since August 27, 2022. According to the World Health Organization. The indicator case was reported from Bekay Kebele, Harana Buluk Woreda from Bale district, Oromia region.


As of 13 November 2022, a total of 399 suspected cases of cholera have been reported including 274 from the Oromia region and 125 from the Somali region. At least 15 of these cases have been confirmed by transplantation. The cumulative attack rate is 89.6 per 100,000 population.

17 deaths have been reported, for a CFR rate of 4.3%. Six states have been affected so far: Berberia (174 cases), Harina Bulok (71), Dilo Mina (22), Gora Damoli (7) in Bale district of Oromia region, Guradamoli (88) and Kersadola (37) in Libin district of Somali region. A total of 38 kibelis (villages) have reported one or more suspected cases of cholera since the beginning of the outbreak.

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