European Super League not dead and has a relaunch plan in place



The Europa League will not collapse without a fight, the new CEO has a plan with only three clubs on board.

Real Madrid's Toni Kroos competes for the ball with Barcelona's Ferran Torres
© Photo by David Ramos/Getty ImagesReal Madrid’s Toni Kroos competes for the ball with Barcelona’s Ferran Torres

Hard to imagine that a file European Premier League Still very much alive, when it was “announced” to the world last year, the entire project collapsed in a record time, 48 hours, due to Media and fan backlash.

However, many Premier League The club owners who pulled out did so on the basis of the idea that a proper plan did not exist and it should not be made public. Liverpool owner John Henry issued a statement apologizing for the ad.

Bernd Richart, the new CEO of A22 Sports Management, The company responsible for activating European Premier League He told Cadena Ser that the league is very much “alive” with a year he plans to launch.

The European League is looking for the start of 2025

Bernd Richart stated, “There are those who want to announce his death, but if they say it a lot, there is a lot to doubt … There are clubs in Europe who definitely share the vision of Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and now they have a chance to share their opinions. There is a broad consensus that football needs reform. .Football cannot continue as it is designed now.”

While Reichart has a view on football reform, it is hard to imagine the Europa League continuing without the approval of FIFA or UEFA who have stated multiple times that the Premier League is not in the cards.

Earlier this year, a court in Madrid managed to acquit the clubs that tried to launch the project from any penalty. The case has since been taken to the Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice.

“Until there is certainty from the European Court, it is unreasonable to believe that it can be played before the 2024-25 campaign,” Richart said. “It’s a long journey, but we have the humility to do it step by step without stopping.”

Fixed concept [guaranteed] Placement is not something we are currently considering,” Reichart has been added. “Sports merit will apply to all members of the Premier League.”

Although merging the leagues with the European Premier League would also pose a significant obstacle as the Premier League issued a statement against its creation last year.

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