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Black Adam is the new DC movie that has fans crazy, not only because of the story, main characters, and cameo, but also because of the soundtrack packed with classics. Here, check out the list of all the songs that appear in the movie.

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam
© IMDbDwayne Johnson in Black Adam

black Adam It became a box office success, although critics initially had less faith in the story. He broke all records and was listed as the best tournament Dwayne JohnsonHis solo movie ever, grossed $67 million during its first weekend. These numbers have surpassed some of his highest-grossing films, such as The Fast and the Furious Movies.

Spoiler alert! – The post-credits scene is one of the reasons the audience went completely crazy. Henry Cavill back as Superman A short conversation is scheduled with Teth-Adam, now known as Black Adam. Many other classic characters have appeared in DC, such as Amanda Wallerwhich we have already seen suicide squad.

The rock announced that the hierarchy of power within DC . universe It was about to change after the events of the feature film. It seems he was not mistaken. He also confirmed that there would be more history between his character and Cavill’s, so he said,Turning it into a fight does not reward the masses.”

Soundtrack to “Black Adam” by Lorne Balfe

usually in Audio recording We not only see popular songs performed by different artists, but there are also melodies that make up the rest of the scenes and most or some of them are usually instrumental.

Lauren Balf He is responsible for creating the score that reflects the character of the film. “The main theme of Black Adam, I like to think that when you close your eyes and see The Rock, that’s what you hear‘,” the British composer and music producer told Comicbook.com.

As he said, “I was talking about his character, as well as that of Black Adam. Everything has to go together. It was a great response to her.” So here we leave you List of all topics Which was in the movie and its points:

  1. Teth Adam
  2. Kandaq
  3. the awakening
  4. The revolution begins
  5. Presentation of JSA
  6. Shatha Superman
  7. Our only hope
  8. Change your name
  9. What kind of magic?
  10. Is he the hero?
  11. your enemies
  12. Black Adam spotted
  13. not interested
  14. Just say Shazam
  15. old palace
  16. Small man
  17. Time to go
  18. release him
  19. father and son
  20. Black Adam Theme
  21. fly bikes
  22. nano robots
  23. through the wall
  24. 23 pounds of Eternium
  25. Is this the end?
  26. It was him
  27. Lake Baikal
  28. Heads and corpses
  29. Hockman’s fate
  30. JSA fights
  31. A bad plan is a good plan
  32. Dr. Viet
  33. Jailbreak
  34. wet rocks
  35. not a hero
  36. The fate of the doctor
  37. Slave hero
  38. hordes of hell
  39. The man in black
  40. Adam’s Journey
  41. Justice Society theme
  42. Black Adam theme (iZNiiK Remix)
  43. Justice Society Theme (iZNiiK Remix)

Black Adam soundtrack: complete list of songs and artists

Pulling from the set list Balfe created for the film, the soundtrack also consists of Several classic tracks Which excited the crowd the most Epic battle scenes. All original Black Adam ringtones can be heard through Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, YouTube and Spotify.

In case you want to buy it, remember that you can always get the CD through Amazon. The same is true for the various songs of famous artists that appeared during the feature film. Here, check out the entire list:

  1. Bullet with butterfly wings by smashing pumpkins
  2. Paint it black from the Rolling Stones
  3. kid back by player
  4. The trio of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Ennio Morricone
  5. A force from Kayne West featuring Dwele
  6. Theme of Superman [Main Title] by John Williams
  7. Exile Eric Zane
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