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Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra Jonas will star in a new romantic comedy Love Me Again (previously It’s All Coming Back To Me), based on a German novel. Here, check out everything we know about this project.

Sam Heogan and Priyank Chopra Jonas
© Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Stars/Mika Scafari/FilmMagicSam Heogan and Priyank Chopra Jonas

After the success of films like marry me’ or ‘the lost City’And the Romantic comedies seem to be making a comeback in Hollywood. This time, the leading man in Outlander Sam Heogan And the Priyanka Choprawho recently appeared in Matrix: Resurrections, is starring in a new rom-com called Love Me Again, previously titled “It’s All Coming Back To Me”.

The film, which also has the working title “Text From You,” is based on a German film called SMS Fur Dich, which was also an adaptation of the 2009 German novel of the same name by Sofie Cramer. The script was written and directed by Jim Strauss.

The movie will be a star too Celine DionAnd the who produces new music for the project. If you haven’t noticed yet, the new title is the same as one of Dion’s songs. Although there are not many details about her role yet, it is expected that she will appear as herself. Here, check out all the details.

It all comes back to me: release date and summary

‘Love Me Again’ follows the story of a woman (Chopra), whose fiancé tragically dies, and as she comes to terms with her grief, begins… Send text messages to his old phone number without knowing that it has already been given to another man (Heughan). The two meet but can’t let go of the past.

The movie will be filmed in 2021 May 12, 2023, Heughan confirmed on an Instagram post. The film was scheduled to be released for the first time on February 10, 2023. While appearing on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Heughan also confirmed that Dion wrote a new song for the film.

“She’s incredible, but she’s not only in the movie and she’s really good and so funny, but she also provides the music for the movie,” He said. I wrote a special song for us… It was amazing, frankly.” he added.

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