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Season 22 of The Voice has many talented singers. One of them is Boddy, who is part of the Blake Shelton team. Here, check out everything you need to know about this artist, including his family, background, and more.

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season 22 From the sound In progress, it’s almost time for Live Shows. One of the contestants who made it to the live rounds is Bodie, who is part of Blake Shelton team. Here, check out everything you need to know about it.

Boddy impressed the coaches during the Blind Auditions with his performance The Fray’s “You Found Me”. Blake was the first to press his button, followed by John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello.

“Everyone will remember you, the way you look, the way you look,” Blake told him, while Legend thought he had “what it takes to get to the conclusion of The Voice”. After being chosen by SheltonAnd the Boddy won the fights and knockouts.

Bodhi Profile: Facts about The Voice contestant

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According to Hollywood Life, Bodhi is married to Royal Colkian photographer. “This was the best 7 years of my life. You are a blessing to everyone who knows you. I can’t believe we can do this for a lifetime,” Boddy wrote in his Instagram message to Royale on the occasion of their wedding anniversary.

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Bodhi is 29 years old and from Ladera Ranch, California. He released music ahead of his time, The Voice. According to Hollywood Life, his singles “Moonlight”, “Teen Love” and “I Think I Like You” all have over a million streams on Spotify. He also directed a documentary.

What happened to my hair?

According to WikiWiki, Bodie . was Diagnosed with alopecia When he was 15 years old. However, his hair has fallen out and grown several times since high school. Currently, he has hair in patches, which is why he usually wears a hat.

What is Instagram Body?

His Instagram user is Tweet embed. He is very active on social media, and also has a page on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. He posts about his family, career, projects, and of course, The Voice.

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