Expert casts doubt on reports of Russian defectors revealing Russian war crimes


Reports that the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin Reeling from the defections of two senior officials may be the result of a process of disinformation by Ukraine.

Rebecca Kofler, a former CIA intelligence officer and author of “Putin’s Game Rules: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America,” told Fox News Digital. “However, it is very difficult to do this for a high-ranking Russian official, be it an intelligence officer, a diplomat, or a general, unless they are trafficked by American or Western intelligence services.”

Koffler’s comments come after reports surfaced on Sunday that two senior officials… Russian officialsan FSB intelligence officer and a high-ranking member of the Wagner paramilitary group, were able to reach safely in France and are now seeking political asylum.

According to a report in the Daily Express, the FSB intelligence officer has “serious inside information” about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Kremlin counterintelligence and the Ministry of Defense. The Wagner Group official is said to have knowledge of the financial affairs of the organization.

Russian forces continue to lose despite the destruction of the third power stations in Ukraine in one week

Russian President Vladimir Putin.
(stock struggle)

The defections reported by the Russians have been revealed human rights Activist Vladimir Usichkin, who said that both officials traveled to France on the same plane in adjacent rows and were initially suspicious of each other. However, having arrived safely in France, the activist believes that they will expose Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

“These two people will testify about war crimes,” Usichkin told Express. “I hope they will have the opportunity to cooperate with the international investigation and testify against Yevgeny Prigozhin and other people in the Putin regime.”

However, Koffler is unsure of the veracity of the report, arguing that it could have been planted by Putin’s opponent to irritate the Russian leader, who may already be under increasing pressure amid battlefield setbacks. in Ukraine.

Firefighters help a local woman evacuate from an apartment building destroyed by a Russian drone strike.

Firefighters help a local woman evacuate from an apartment building destroyed by a Russian drone strike.
(Reuters/Vladislav Mosienko)

Multiple explosions rock the eastern city of Kharkiv, Ukraine

“The story may be a misinformation by Ukrainian intelligence with the aim of getting into Putin’s head and psychological imbalance,” Koffler said. The second goal is to get Western society to designate Putin as a war criminal and Russia as a sponsor of terrorism.

“Committing atrocities as part of ongoing hostilities is a standard operating procedure in the Russian military, so it is unlikely to provoke moral outrage, especially for someone with close ties to the FSB and the Wagner paramilitary group,” Kovler added. “Both of the most brutal Russian entities.”

Kovler argued that such a move would make sense for Ukraine, noting that the country had recently put pressure on the West to designate Russia as a sponsor of terrorism. war crimes Putin’s accusations.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
(Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP)


“That would be the correct narrative to attach to this potential disinformation and covert influence process,” Kofler said. “Both Russia and Ukraine are highly skilled at disinformation of this kind.”

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