Facebook overhauls its feed to be more like TikTok — and adds a throwback chronological option


Facebook is borrowing an idea from social media newcomer TikTok and putting more loop videos in its feed, a sign of the medium’s growing importance to popular culture.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook’s parent company Meta, said Thursday that users will start seeing an overhauled look when they open its mobile app, with various options including a main feed, a feed with friends-only posts and a group-focused feed.

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Meta-owned Instagram is already working this way with some users, who may see frequent videos known as Reels in a feed that previously used to be only posts from people they intentionally follow.

Zuckerberg said the Facebook overhaul would give users “a way to customize and control your experience more,” if they want to see less recommended content.

There will also be a tab for people to see posts “in chronological order,” he said, the way Facebook’s original “News Feed” was when the company introduced it in 2006. Just having the feed cause a revolution among users at that time.

Social media competitors Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube have them too Try the features It emulates TikTok’s central attraction: most are frequent short videos of rising online stars or strangers who have proven their attraction with other users.

TikTok, owned by a Beijing-based company Byte DanceIt has proven to be very popular Compete with TV For many people, some members of Generation Z use TikTok the way older people do Use the Google search engine.

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