FIFA receives request to kick out National team from the World Cup


in November 20football will take over every TV thanks to Qatar 2022. The 32 bands Set to play, but now National team At risk of not playing this tournament yet FIFA Receive Ask to kick them Exit the next day world Cup Because of a very serious topic.

Groups have already been made and 32 contestants He will try to win one of the most important prizes in football. It will be a very tough competition as only one national team will be chosen to be the best in the world.

But recently there have been a lot of controversial topics with FIFA and human rights. After excluding the organizers Russia From each competition, they now received a request to expel a national team from Qatar 2022.

FIFA receives a request to expel Iran from Qatar 2022

Iran she is one from 32 national teams that got a place in Qatar 2022. They belong to Group B, along with Wales, the United States and Englandbut they can be kicked out Thanks to a request made by people to him FIFA.

At present, Iran is experiencing a difficult moment. death of Mahsa Amini, 23 years old Detained by Iran’s morality police for not wearing a headscarf properly, unprecedented protests have begun across the country.

Unfortunately, 200 Iranians, including 23 children, were killed in the protests. Some see this as the biggest threat to the Islamic State since they took power in 1979.

As said before, Russia has been banned from all FIFA Contests due to armed conflict with Ukraine. In this case, Iran He was also under the spotlight for send weapons to me Vladimir Putin forces.

After these situations, a group of Iranian football players in cooperation with Women’s rights activist Ali Nejad Masihsend a letter to FIFA requesting remove Iran From world Cup.

As the letter says that the state“Brutality and fighting towards its own people It has reached a turning point, demanding a clear and firm separation from the world of football and sport.”

in FIFA data, one of the most important rules is that Minorities should not be excluded from attending matches As part of their values ​​and laws, which were The case of Iran with women throughout history. Nowadays, They can enter the stadiumsbut you have selected area where they can be.

FIFA’s historic abstention from the political quagmire Often it has only been tolerated when such attitudes are not prevalent in football…Football, which should be a safe place for everyone, is not a safe place for women or even men.

“Women are constantly denied access to stadiums across the country and systematically excluded from football The ecosystem in Iran, which contrasts sharply with the values ​​and regulations of FIFA.”

Now is the time to FIFA to make resolution And check if these values ​​are consistent with theirs. Less than a month away from Qatar 2022, organizers should act Quickly to get a reply to this message.

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