Former Baker Mayfield’s teammate has a skeleton of the QB in his front yard



Baker Mayfield’s past haunts him in Carolina. One of his former teammates isn’t too happy after Brown left and he proved it by putting in a QB skeleton in his front yard.

Baker Mayfield - Carolina Panthers - NFL 2022
© Kevin C. Cox / Getty ImagesBaker Mayfield – Carolina Panthers – NFL 2022

It seems that not everyone is happy Baker Mayfield Leaves Cleveland Browns. Now, one of his ex-colleagues Send him a message by putting QB . skeleton In his front yard.

When Baker Mayfield traded to leopardsThere were many doubts about this move. He never had such a good run with Brownbut still high hopes for what he can do Carolina.

naturally Baker Mayfield He left a big gap to fill, but also some broken hearts in his teammates. They are not so happy that the midfielder left Brown And now someone sent him a message through a frightening act.

Miles Garrett uses his front yard to position the skeleton of Baker Mayfield among other quarterbacks

Baker Mayfield He started his NFL career with the Browns, but things didn’t go well. When Cheetahs trade againstEveryone was shocked, but one teammate was left untouched by this situation.

Miles JarrettDefensive end, I talked about Mayfield He left Cleveland in 2022. But now he seems to have done it He forgot about his former teammate He showed a skeleton of him in his front yard.

The previous first general check is a file Weird things admirer. He used his front yard to put some Trees with quarterback tied to themas such Vicna He did in the series with his victims. Baker Mayfield He is one of those where there is Skeleton in a leopard shirt on me.

As said before, Miles Garrett loves Stranger Things. Week 8 mf vs Cincinnati BengalsHe arrived at FirstEnergy in his uniform VicnaI’m looking forward to another “victim” tonight.

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