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Google is adding Lens’s image search feature directly to its homepage, allowing users to access its advanced image recognition tool directly from the search box. Search giant first Announcing Lens at I/O 2017 and has since integrated it into many of its services, including Google Photos, Chrome and more. Now, as noted before 9to5GoogleThe company is adding a visual search tool to the Google homepage.

The change is significant, according to Rajan Patel, Vice President of Engineering at Google in charge of Research and Lens. In a tweet, Patel noted that the Google homepage doesn’t change much, but the company wanted to expand the way users can ask questions. On a superficial level, the Google Home page is very similar to what it was many years ago, so any addition is worth noting.

“The Google homepage doesn’t change much, but it has changed today,” Patel wrote. “We are always working on expanding the types of questions you can ask and improving how we answer them. Now you can easily ask visual questions from your desktop.”

Once you click the Lens button, the page will prompt you to upload an image or paste the image URL. After doing that, you will see the Lens results page. While Google Photos has allowed users to search for similar images, Lens goes beyond that by displaying information about the image, shopping results, and more. The lens can also identify plant or animal species. You can also drag text images, and then Lens will digitize the text and translate the text if it is in a foreign language. The results page will be familiar to people who are used to the Lens app.

Google is integrating its visual search tools better than Google Lens into its other products, and by adding it directly to its homepage, it is introducing the tool to people who may not be familiar with it or have not tried it yet.

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