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Google is bringing a slew of new kid-focused features like parent-controlled watchlists and AI-powered suggestions to Google TV, the latest in a string of efforts by the Android maker to try to expand the TV operating system’s offering. For family consumption.

The company said it’s adding these features to kids’ profiles to improve content recommendation and exploration. Parents can push titles directly to children’s “must watch” lists from their profiles (by simply clicking the watchlist button on titles they’ve found and pressing add), the company Explained in a blog post.

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The company also makes AI-powered recommendations for kids — because Google loves AI. Kids can now watch popular shows and movies on their Google TV home screen based on installed apps and parent-set rating levels. If they don’t like the title recommended to them and don’t want to see it again, they can press and hold the select button and tap Hide to remove the suggestion from the list.

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The new additions are Google’s ongoing efforts to make its services more child-friendly. google feet YouTube Supervised Accounts In the past year I’ve helped kids transition from the YouTube Kids app to the main YouTube app in a safe way.

Parents can additionally set limits on exploring content, commenting or video creation through this feature. It allows guardians to select three levels of access: ‘Explore’ for content suitable for viewers 9 and above; “Explore More” for viewers ages 13 and up; and “Most YouTube” to enable access to all videos without Age Restricted Content.

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The search giant said it is also offering this moderated experience to Google TV so that kids can access the main YouTube app with appropriate content restrictions. Notably, when parents create these supervised accounts, they provide consent to the collection and use of data collection from children’s profiles in order to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Compliance – US privacy law that sets limits on websites that provide services to children.

The company introduced for the first time Kids profiles on Google TV last year Which allows parents to set limits on app access and screen time.

Google said these features are rolling out from today onwards Chromecast with Google TV (4K and HD variants) and other Google TVs from manufacturers such as Hisense, Philips, Sony, and TCL.

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