Harry Maguire over Fikayo Tomori? England fans are going crazy over Southgate’s decision



Harry Maguire isn’t England fans’ favorite, but he is to Gareth Southgate. The Three Lions coach Fikayo Tomori has forgotten the role of defense and everyone is going crazy for his decision.

Harry Maguire, Fikayo Tomori / England
© Claudio Villa / Getty ImagesHarry Maguire, Fikayo Tomori / England

England Preparation for world Cup It came to an end. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t have the best performance in 2022 UEFA Nations League Fans pointed out Harry Maguire And the Gareth Southgate As the official, judge the coach’s decision to start Manchester United center back instead of Fikayo Tomori.

despite of England selected as One of the favorite teams to win in Qatar 2022Lately, things have changed. their results in 2022 UEFA Nations League They were relegated to the Second Division because they couldn’t even achieve a victory in the entire group stage.

But one of the main reasons why they got answers Gareth Southgate According to the fans. The trainer has not used the best weapons available and is roasting for it.

Fans and former England legend Judge Gareth Southgate for his decision to found Maguire, not Tomori

It is known that Harry Maguire He’s not a favorite of England fans, but he’s still a solid Southgate player. followers think so Fikayo TomoriThe Milan center back is in better shape and should be in the starting line-up for Qatar 2022.

In the last two games of 2022 UEFA Nations League against Italy and GermanyGareth Southgate has been criticized for not using it Fikayo Tomori. For this last matchAnd the The Milan defender did not even receive a call It was completely excluded.

despite of Fikayo Tomori was a key piece for Milan to win the Italian Serie A Last season, he loves Southgates Harry Maguire More, although it He is no longer a regular player at Manchester United. This is the reason for the outrage of the fans and the great English legend of the coach.

“I can not believe [it]And the Tomori won the Italian leaguehe is He plays really well As a key player in this team and I can’t get close to the team,” Rio Ferdinand said on Vibe with Five Podcasts. “I just feel like Gareth Southgate feels I know who’s coming [to Qatar]I know who’s playing and that’s not mine.”

Fans are also angry at Southgate’s decision. During the last match against Germany, Harry Maguire committed a penalty that led to the opponent’s first goal. The match ended with a score of 3-3, but this foul was judged harshly in social media.

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