Healthy Weight Loss in the New Year


Healthy weight loss for the new year

SACRAMENTO, CA – As healthcare providers, we understand that excess weight leads to higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other serious health conditions. But we are equally aware of the tragic consequences for a nation that struggles to look like supermodels, unable to accept their unique bodies.

Eating disorders and health problems

This constant struggle leads directly to millions of women (and some men) suffering from eating disorders, recurring and irreversible health problems, in addition to the obvious emotional and psychological damage tens of millions of “ordinary” women suffer as they live their lives, often carelessly. She struggles to meet society’s relentless demands to be skinny.

There is a big difference between making positive changes to live a healthier life and making changes out of shame about one’s own body – in pursuit of cultural acceptance. Without apology, we say, if a patient had to choose between being a little heavy and being at peace, or being thin and consuming weight and appearance—and the disgust women often feel for their own bodies—being overweight might be a better option. What is happening in America today to the psyche of American women (and some men) is just crazy.

As practitioners, we are left with the dilemma between encouraging our patients to make positive changes in diet and lifestyle habits, and yes, losing fat if needed, but at the same time, staunchly advocating that patients love and accept themselves today, no matter what. It may be of ideal body composition.

Health cannot be achieved by hating our bodies, but only by embracing ourselves, just as we are today, even if it is far from perfect body composition. There is enough chaos in our hectic lives without creating battles with our bodies.

harmony within ourselves

It is essential to our health and happiness that we live in harmony within ourselves and shower ourselves with positive self-talk, even as the media floods our senses and emotions with images that reinforce the idea that we are not enough.

Ads abound aimed at manipulating vulnerable people into making them feel less than adequate compared to the media’s lanky, beautiful models. The effects of this are harmful not only to our minds, but also to our bodies, and must be changed.

Tune in to your body

Take at least five minutes each day to sit in silence and be in tune with your body. From a place of non-judgment, listen to the way you talk to yourself and ask yourself if these are the messages you really want to believe about yourself.

Parents, never talk about your unhappiness with your weight in front of your children; This gives children the idea that their body is something that needs to be changed.

It’s time for the American people to stand up and be held accountable, and say no to the exploitation of women. It is time for American women to be freed from this farce. It’s time for American men to tell their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and mothers that they want their loved ones to be healthy and happy, and not buy into this fat phobia. Present and future generations of American women’s lives hang in the balance.

We are trying to continue the dialogue on this crucial issue of our time. We appreciate your suggestions.

Dr. Dennis Godby

Dr.. Dennis Godby, MD, physical therapist, Sutter Medical Foundation.
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