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Actress Kaitlyn Dever has been busy promoting her new movie Ticket to Heaven, but the star has been one of the hottest talents of the past few years. Here, check out more about it.

Kaitlyn Dever
© Tommaso Bode/Getty ImagesKaitlyn Dever

Kaitlyn Dever He was one of the rising talents in Hollywood for quite some time. She’s a star in “Ticket to Heaven” side by side George Clooney and Julia Robertswhich premiered this weekend, and in “Rosalyn” which premiered on Hulu last week.

Dever has played small roles in many films and TV shows such as Make It or Break It, Modern Family, Private Practice, Party Down, The Mentalist, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cinema Verite, bad teacher, Beautiful boy, amazing now and more.

However, she also received several nominations, including for a Golden Globe, thanks to roles in NetflixIncredible series. Here, check out everything you need to know about her like her net worth, partner, and height.

How tall is Kaitlyn Dever?

defer 1.57 meters tall (5 2″). She was born on December 21, 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona. This 25-year-old actress started her career in 2009. According to her Wikipedia page, she was also interested in gymnastics, ballet and figure skating, until she focused on acting.

In which movies and TV shows has Kaitlyn Dever starred in?

It was her first acting role Gwen Thompson In the 2009 movie American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong. Then in 2011 she appeared as Loretta McCready on the FX series Justified. She has also been cast in the sitcom Last Man Standing.

However, her lead roles in the Netflix series unbelievablethe film box mart, Film based on the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen, 2021 Hulu miniseries Dopesick, and of course Ticket to Heaven.

How much is Kaitlyn Dever net worth?

Dever’s estimated net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth 3 million dollars. Besides her acting career, she also has a band with her sister Maddie called Beulahbelle. In February 2020, they released their first single “Raleigh” and they have a collaboration with Phoebe Bridgers.

Is Caitlin Dever in a relationship?

Dever is just a normal personShe has not shared if she is dating anyone at the moment. However, she has been romantically linked to co-stars Ansel Elgort and Travis Taub, who have appeared in the movie “Men, Women & Children”.

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