Hobby Lobby CEO inspires with faith-over-fortune message after giving up company: ‘Wealth can be a curse’


Hobby Lobby CEO David Green sent shock waves through the news cycle after typing on a recent Fox News station opinion article He chose to stay away from the handicraft chain and choose God instead.

On Friday he wrote: “The Patagonian founder recently made news when he relinquished ownership in his company to allow the mission and purpose to remain the same…I tried a similar decision-making process with the Hobby Lobby property; I chose God.”

Green, who discussed the piece on Sunday”Fox and Friends Weekend‘, told broadcaster Will Cain that his job is to be a host rather than an owner.

“We want to be stewards of what God has given us, and that’s the difference,” he said.

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Hobby Lobby founder and CEO David Green.
(hobby lobby)

“There is a huge paradigm shift between owning and running a business, and we want to be stewards of what God has given us.”

Green told Cain that 100% of the company’s voting stock has been transferred to a trust where “oversight” can continue to pass to one person from another.

He added, “All of the shares have a 1% confidence vote, and they are managed and supervised rather than seeing ourselves as owners.”

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Hobby Lobby is a craft retail chain.

Hobby Lobby is a craft retail chain.

Green said removing the company’s focus on “ownership” helps Glory be to God “Extremely” by easing the burden of wealth.

“Wealth can be a curse, and in most cases, if you go deep into it, wealth is a curse in terms of marriage, kids and things like that; so we run our company, and so, our kids come to work, and they get what they earn… It’s a paradigm change from Ownership can really destroy a family,” he said.

He also adjusted his decision to God’s ownership of everything, saying, “You own it, then we’ll outsource it.”

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in His opinion article on FridayGreene challenged business leaders to assess the source of their truth, provided hints of wisdom from the Book of Proverbs and emphasized the importance of tithes.

“For me, the source of my truth has always been prayer and the Bible. And I truly believe that if leaders pray and seek the truth from the bible Their actions will revolutionize.”

“For example, the Bible talks about giving tithes or 10%…Can you imagine what would happen if every great leader in business became one? There would literally be billions available for good work around the world.”

My decision to give up my HOBBY LOBBY: I choose God

Encourage readers to seek wisdom from the parables by reading one of the thirty-one chapters of the book each day and repeat his message of stewardship in urging others to heed what God has given.

The article reads “The biggest challenge is to ask whether you are an owner or an agent – a manager of what you have been assigned to.”

“From the beginning, our goal has been to honor God in everything we have done. We have worked hard and God has given results. As God has blessed us, we have seen it as a great privilege to give back. We have been able to provide hope by supporting services and planting churches around the world.”


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