Horse botulism outbreak update; FDA issues warning about Alfalfa Cubes


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in Follow-up of suspected food poisoning Outbreak in horses in Louisiana Federal officials know of at least 98 horses in Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas that developed neurological symptoms. At least 45 of these horses died or were euthanized due to poor health.


The symptoms reported are consistent with food poisoning, and while further testing is being conducted to determine the cause of equine illnesses, horse owners and exercisers should take precautions to protect human and animal health. Consult a veterinarian immediately if your horse has ingested this product and shows signs of neurological disease, such as muscle twitching, difficulty eating or swallowing, difficulty standing, or collapse.

Autopsies of some horses are in progress or pending. At this time, it appears that the alfalfa cubes in Top of the Rockies were the only food source common to all cases.

The Food and Drug Administration warns horse owners not to feed Top of the Rockies alfalfa cubes with date codes 111222, 111322, 111422, 111522, and 111622.

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Some alfalfa cubes have been reported to contain what appears to be animal fur and tissue, indicating that material from an animal or animal may have been incorporated into the cubes during the alfalfa harvest. Some people have reported that some of the bags have an unpleasant odor. Clostridium botulinumIt is the bacteria that causes food poisoning, and is commonly found in decomposing animal carcasses. Alfalfa pelleted and other feed and tissue samples are being tested.

The alfalfa cubes were recalled by Manzanola Feeds of Manzanola, CO, which distributes the products directly to feed stores and co-ops in 10 states.

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